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6828 JT Arnhem
The Netherlands
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Connected by Air
Data Fresco
The Architecture of Radio
Wifi Tapestry
Dynamic Wall Hanging
STRP Biennale 2017
360 degree immersive visualisation
Embassy of Data
Smart City Panorama
White Spots
A journey to the end of the internet
The Deleted City 3.0
The Deleted City
Digital Archaeology
James Turrell
Roden Crater Skymap
Seasonal and longterm groundwater levels
Datavisualization in Times Square, New York
Beijing Media Art Biennale
Atlas of Pentecostalism
Data Journalism
Design Notities
mobile map
Data Volume Explorer
Virtual Reality Interface
Re:search-Terms of Art
data visualization
Wandering Intelligence
Image Recognition Feedback Loop
Fiscal Adventure
Euro Coin
Currency Design
Frans Hals Museum
Multi Screen Exhibition
Premsela / Design Networks
responsive non-fiction
Urban Planning
Vertex RGB
Illuminated typeface
Data materialization
Centraal Museum
JODI: Max Payne Library
Generative narrative
Pentacoste Atlas Research
Quantitative Anthropology
Seoul International Biennale of Media Art
Online Identity
Pen Plotter
Data Drawing
Huijbers en Agelink
Immersive Media
Gutenberg on demand
parametric library
Typologies of Intellectual Property
Realtime Book Concept
Witte de With Morality
Artistic Discussion Platform
Typologies of Intellectual Property
Interactive Visualization
Onder Anderen
Social Cartography
Printed Circuitboard
Project Gutenberg / Realtime Bookdesign
Research Project
latitude 51
Dutch Design Week
Amsterdams Historisch Museum
console musicplayer
Joods Historisch Museum
Arnhemse Nieuwe 2007
digital graduation catalogue 2004
Veejay Arcade
club 11
Arnhemse Nieuwe 2008
Motion Graphics
WATT Rotterdam
Interactive Architecture
Blue Sky Forever
Digital Biography
ArtEZ portal 2005
Leidsche Rhino

About the studio
Studio Richard Vijgen is a design studio for contemporary information culture. I investigate new strategies to find the big stories in big data through research and design. My work is deeply rooted in the digital domain but always connects with physical or social space. I create interactive data visualisations and installations ranging from microscopic to architectural in scale and use space, code and pixels to visualize the invisible.

The studio is based online, but resides in the Netherlands. I work with a wide range of clients and institutions around the world.

The studio's work has been recognised internationally by Ars Electronica, ZKM, Rhizome.org, Vitra Design Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Dutch Design Awards.

I reflect on and write about digital culture. I initiate and participate in research projects and work with clients to design and produce work that connects the digital realm with social and physical space.

I teach Information Design and Interactive Architecture at the Arnhem school of art and design.

"As tech­nol­ogy ad­vances, it re­verses the char­ac­ter­is­tics of every sit­u­a­tion again and again. The age of au­toma­tion is going to be the age of 'do it your­self.'"       
      – Marshall McLuhan

Selected Exhibitions:
STRP Biennale
Eindhoven, NL, 2017
Vitra Design Museum
Weil am Rhein, DE, 2017
Beijing Media Art Biennale
Beijing, CH, 2016
Ars Electronica
Linz, AT, 2016
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, USA, 2016
Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
Santa Fe, USA, 2016
Bell Labs
New Jersey, USA, 2016
Haus der Kulturen der welt
Berlin, DE, 2016
Zentrum für Kunst un Medientechnologie
Karlsruhe, DE, 2015
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, USA, 2014
Barbican Gallery
London, UK, 2014
Cultura Digital
Rio de Janeiro, BR, 2012
Centraal Museum
Utrecht, NL, 2011
Manifesta 12
New site specific installation commissioned by Manifesta 12 in Palazzo Ajutamicristo in Palermo, Italy. Inspired by the illusionistic ceiling frescoes that can be seen throughout the city, Connected by Air is a contemporary view of the sky from a historic space.
June, 2018
Fondation EDF Paris
1,2,3, Data is a comprehensive Exhibition on datavisualization curated by David Bihanic. In addition to a full panoramic installation of Architecture of Radio, it features works by David Bowen, Kim Albrecht and Domestic Data Streamers.
May, 2018
Dutch Design Award 2017
White Spots has been awarded a Dutch Design Award in the Systems and Services category.
October, 2017
Deleted City 3.0
The third iteration of The Deleted City, a digital archaeology of Geocities.com has been released as a browser-based experience. Visit http://www.deletedcity.net to explore it yourself.
June, 2017
Dutch Design Awards Nomination
White Spots has been nominated for a Dutch Design Award 2017 in the category Service and Systems design.
June, 2017
STRP Biënnale 2017
A large scale 360 degree projection of Architecture of Radio is on display at STRP Biënnale 2017 from March 23rd to April 2nd at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. A circular projection, 10 meters in diameter displays a wireless landscape that extends the visualisation in the iPad app.
March, 2017
White Spots Exhibit @ Het Nieuwe Instituut
From February 28 to March 12, Het Nieuwe Instituut Features a White Spots Pop-in-Expo. For two weeks, the institute's Foyer is focussed on the borders of the internet. A large format world map, a video loop and two iPads featuring the network scanner and the interactive White Spots map take visitors on a trip to the end of the networked world. During Museum Night the White Spots VR experience will be available.
March, 2017
Volume Magazine
My Article "Life in the Infosphere" has been published in the Total Space special in Volume magazine #50. The issue focusses on a cross disciplinary investigation of structuralism. Click the link to download the special as a PDF
February, 2017
Hello Robot
From January 2nd to May 14th 2017, Architecture of Radio is part of the exhibition Hello Robot at the Vitra Design Museum.
January, 2017
White Spots VR at IDFA
The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) featured a dedicated VR version of the White Spots app. For Doclab, IDFA's new media program, we developed a dedicated VR version of the app featuring 3 new VR films and a new VR audio guide.
December, 2016
Internet Archive 20th Anniversary
As part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Internet Archive, The Deleted City is on display at Archive.org's San Francisco headquarters.
November, 2016
Computer History Musem
I will be giving a talk September 21st at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View about the Deleted City which is on display at the museum from May - September 2016.
August, 2016
Prix Ars Electronica
Architecture of Radio receives an Honorary Mention at the 2016 Prix Ars Electronica
May, 2016
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
Architecture of Radio is on display at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe as part of the Currents New Media Festival
May, 2016
The Shannon Effect
A customised 360º version of the Architecture of Radio is set up at Bell Labs, New Jersey as part of The Shannon Effect, a conference on "the Future of the Information Age" The visualisation forms a backdrop of a performance of the Human Digital Orchestra.
April, 2016
Nervous Systems
Architecture of Radio is part of Nervous Systems: Quantified life and the social question. On display at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin (DE) from march 11th - may 9th 2016.
March, 2016
Architecture of Radio at ZKM
The Architecture of Radio Application will premiere at ZKM's Infosphere show in Karlsruhe. The show will run from September 5 2015 to January 31st 2016.
August, 2015
New Challenges for Data Design
I contributed a chapter to David Bihanic's new book New Challenges for Data Design. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and future of data design. Published by Springer-Verlag.
January, 2015
The Atlas of Pentecostalism is selected for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)'s docLab, the festival's selection on documentary storytelling through new media.
October, 2014
Digital Revolution
The Deleted City is part of the upcoming exhibition Digital Revolution at Barbican Centre in London. The exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of digital culture with artists including Björk, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Aaron Koblin and many more. July 3 - September 14th, 2014, Barbican Centre, London.
June, 2014
Royal Academy of Science
Presentation about data driven design at the Royal Academy of Science in Amsterdam. The symposium is organized by the Netherlands eScience Center and focusses on scientific visualization of (big) data. June 2nd, 2014
June, 2014
The Deleted City is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)'s Art and Technology Lab. I will give a presentation about the work at the inaugural open house February 28th.
February, 2014
USC Annenberg
Together with information designer Dan McCarey and professor Jon Vidar I will talk about the Atlas of Pentecostalism and "Informing Journalism: The Art of Data Stories", a panel at USC Annenberg, Los Angeles, February 25th 2014.
February, 2014
Screen City
The Groundwater visualization I made for the Reuters and Nasdaq buildings in New York is on display in Stavanger, Norway as part of the Screen City Festival.
October, 2013
The Deleted City is part of the Screengrab New Media Festival organized by the James Cook University (AU) as a finalist in the New Media Arts Award 2013.
August, 2013
Parsons Journal of Information Mapping
My article about digital archaeology appeared in the second issue of the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, a quarterly publication of the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping in New York.
April, 2013
Counterpath Exhibition
The Deleted City will be exhibited at Counterpath Gallery in Denver (US). I will be giving a talk at the opening March 22nd.
March, 2013
The Atlantic Cities
The Atlantic Magazine has an article about the Deleted City and spatial representation of the internet titled "Back When We Thought the Internet Was Like a City"
March, 2013
Silence Vert
The Deleted City is part of the exhibition Silence Vert at Oudeis, Association pour les arts numérique in Le Vigan, FR.
January, 2013
Cause and Effect
The interactive animation about global groundwater levels on Times Square has been selected for the new book "Cause and Effect" by Gestalten. This book focusses on how communication design can change our behavior and make us more environmentally friendly. It aims to reveal a new visual language for sustainability.
September, 2012
Coin Design Broadcasted
A Television special on coin design bu Dutch national television broadcaster AVRO feaures my proposal for a Euro coin based on a datavisualization of biodiversity data over the last 50 years. The design was commissioned by the Dutch ministry of finance.
December, 2011
Data Design
Presentation about Data Design at De Unie in Rotterdam. An evening of data-art, data-design and data-politics. Other spreakers were Mieke Gerritzen, Jullius Popp, Christian Nold and LUST. The evening was moderated by Kim de Groot
December, 2011
Deleted City in Wired
Wired has a story about the Deleted City. The projects has also been featured by Engadget, Forbes, Fast Company and NRC.
December, 2011
The Deleted City has been added to the Rhizome Artbase, the new media collection at the New Museum in New York.
December, 2011
Digital Strategies for Heritage
Dish, a conference about Digital Strategies for Heritage in Rotterdam, invited me to talk about digital archaeology and the possible role of datavisualization in the museum
December, 2011
Centraal Museum
The design I made for the Dutch Mint will be shown as part of an exhibition on coin design in the Netherlands.
December, 2011
Impakt 2011
Impakt festival for audiovisual art invited me to talk about digital archaeology.
December, 2011
STRP Festival
At the STRP Art and technology festival in Eindhoven, Virtueel Platform organized "How do you do" a day of informal talks with designers, artists and digital makers of all sorts about their creative practice. I showed some recent projects and ran into a lot of old friends.
December, 2011
Cultura Digital
I talked about the Deleted City at the Cultura Digital festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A great experience to learn about a Digital Culture with a strong focus on social issues and emancipatory politics.
December, 2011
Deleted City ZDF
The Deleted City is featured on the ZDF (German national Television) Technology and digital culture show "Der Elektrische Reporter". The show features the installation and discusses the subject of digital archaeology. It is available here.
December, 2011
Times Square
On March 22, 2012, a 30 second animated data visualization I made for World Water Day, will premiere on the 19.000 square feet of digital signboard on Times Square, New York. The combined displays of the NASDAQ and the Thomson Reuters building will simultaniously show the visualization in the months following the premiere.
December, 2011
Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, hosted a panel discussion at the PICNIC conference in Amsterdam about the role of trust in design. With Scott Burnham, Lilet Breddels, Usman Haque and Katalin Galyas I talked about the connections between trust and the "Internet of Things".
December, 2011